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Quixotic presents Gravity of Center, a new multi-sensory performance that explores the human journey to find balance between the gravity that keeps us grounded and the lightness that uplifts and inspires us. Quixotic is an innovative performing arts group known for its ability to seamlessly integrate technology with live music, contemporary dance, and cirque arts. Using cutting-edge lighting and projection techniques in conjunction with highly-skilled performers, Quixotic is constantly pushing the boundaries of performance art.

Quixotic is an innovative performance art collective that fuses imagination with technology, dance, projection mapping and live music to create fully-immersive, multi-sensory experiences.
Quixotic harnesses light, rhythm and expressive emotion.
“Mesmerizing” - The Atlantic

Anthony Magliano
Founder | Creative Director

Mica Thomas
Executive Producer

Robert Dekkers, Andrea Schermoly, Lauren Winstead, Megan Stockman

Shane Borth, Rick Willoughby, Anthony Magliano, Noel Selders
Music Composition Team

Stephen Goldblatt
Visual Producer

Megan Stockman, Beau Campbell, Lauren Winstead, Laura Wallner, Rachel Coats
Lead Performers

James Matthew Bennett, Tommy Hester, Brent Martin,
Greg Casparian, Josh Inman, Stephen Goldblatt
Technical Team


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Quixotic Cirque Nouveau | Corporate Entertainment Reel 2017 from Quixotic on Vimeo.

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